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Baby enjoying his first photoshoot with Alamar Photography Kings Lynn Norfolk

One minute your baby is a tiny bindle of joy, doing little more than eating and sleeping then before you know it they have become a toddler, full of energy and ready to explore the world. Alamar Photography's Baby Club is a fabulous way to capture those precious moments that you will cherish forever with beautiful professional photography.

During your baby's 1st year you will visit the studio for 3 photshoots: -

1st Photoshoot -  before your baby is 6 months old, when they will be able to lie on their tummy and hold their head up.

2nd Photoshoot - between 8 & 9 months when your baby will be able to sit unaided and play without toppling over.

3rd Photoshoot -  between 12 & 14 months when they will be standing with some support or perhaps even charging around the studio showing off their newfound skills. 

These shoots will record the important development milestones in your baby's first year.  

These photoshoots must be completed before your baby is 18 months old.

After each photoshoot you will return to the studio and choose your favourite image from the session to be included in your baby's Folio Album. After your 3rd viewing session we will present you with your baby's album of everlasting memories containing all 3 images for a one off registration fee of £49.

Alamar Photography Cherubs Studio Kings Lynn Norfolk
Cherubs Folio Studio at Alamar Photography Kings Lynn Norfolk

To book your baby's 1st Photoshoot call Margaret on 01366 500150 or TXT "BABY CLUB" to 0775 987 6115 or Complete the Contact Form below and we will call you back to book an appointment. 


Please be aware that you may have to wait a few weeks for an apointment as our Alamar Baby Club is always busy, especially at weekends so give us a call as soon as possible to ensure that your baby's place is reserved for their first photoshoot.

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